Our shop is located in the fish cellars in Port Isaac, just next to the harbour. The Brown family have been cooking shellfish here for over 25 years. The shop is now in the hands of Tom Brown and partner Laura Sloan, having been handed down through the generations.

Tom goes out daily from the harbour and catches mainly crab and lobster. This is done through a various string of 25 pots, recognised by different coloured buoys for each fisherman (ours are black over white!). At the peak of the season, Tom will have 900 pots out at sea all at one time! These are usually alternated around his favourite spots on the north Cornish coast, from the entrance of the harbour to thirty miles out!

Every crab and lobster are measured to encourage sustainable fishing, which we are huge supporters of. Tom always lands his catch in Port Isaac harbour usually surrounded by onlookers to get a glimpse of the daily catch. It is then brought straight into our shop ready for cooking and selling to our customers.

You don’t get much fresher than that!