We’re trying to address some of the more obvious questions regarding shellfish but if there’s something specific you need to know and it’s not noted here, please get in touch.

We only store our lobsters for a few days and we do not store crab at all. So that means that your shellfish will have always been caught 1-2 days before it is available to you, fresh from the ocean!

We recommend order either 1 small lobster or half a medium or large lobster per person depending on appetite. If you are ordering crab we would recommend a whole dressed crab per person.

Why not take a look on the recipe section of our website for some delicious dishes to turn your crab and lobster in to.

At our shop we boil our lobsters for 15 minutes and our crab for 20 minutes. We keep our crab in fresh water overnight, so it is not being cooked from live.

We prepare the lobsters but cutting in half from the inside (knife point between the top set of legs). Then removing the digestive tract with a lobster pick to lift the vein out.