Our Skipper, Tom Brown has been fishing all his life, from going out with his grandad Harold, to his father Jeremy, to finally taking over the helm in April 2018 where he bought his first boat Maverick.

The Maverick followed a succession of Brown fishing boats in Port Isaac, 5 generations worth to be exact! The boat itself was built in Southampton in 2005 by Cygnus Cyclone and is known for being one of the best mono-hulls around! The boat was specifically built to be a potting boat with 2 crew working at any one time (one crew and one skipper), carrying a maximum of 75 pots.

You may recognise our boat from starring in the recent Fisherman’s Friends’ film which came to the big screen in 2018. The boat played a key part in the film and was seen on screen throughout the movie alongside actors such as Danny Mays and James Purefoy. Tom had a great time out on set with them teaching them how to ‘haul the pots’ and drive the boat. He did say it was a bit of a squeeze with all the actors and cameramen on board at the same time!